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About Us

Horta | a fertile field, a garden where fruit and vegetables are grown for sale

Culture | a way of life, intangible elements of our social life, gathering, artful outdoor living, the world as we aspire it to be

Horta Culture is a home and garden shop and public garden located at the Squire House in the historic, riparian village of Afton, Minnesota. Visiting our shop and grounds transports one to what garden living can provide Minnesota. 

The aim of our plant yard, garden and home goods is to lift all they encounter and exemplify a mindful approach to life en plein air - with an eye for all the good around us, the ambient charms about us, the living habitat at the liminal edges of nature, the moving experiences that make that subtle shift from quotidian to numinous. It is a friendly call to lean into the outdoors and savor the natural world.

Naturally we welcome one and all and look forward to sharing and shaping a world - as we dream it could be and should be: spending our days embracing nature, welcoming the outside in, and tugging us outside into a community of plants we learn and yearn to call by name.